Poplar Bud Skin Stick

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Balsam poplar buds have been infused in oil and used topically for eons. Keep this balm on hand to apply onto dry, chapped or irritated skin. Its subtle warm scent is sure to calm & ground your senses. This balm is made by mindfully gathering poplar buds in the late winter and infusing them into cold pressed seed oils for many moons. It is packaged in a biodegradable push up tube.


Balsam poplar buds: Contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory virtues which help accelerate the healing process of the skin and also reduce pain.

Ingredients: Olea europea L. (Olive oil), Cera alba (Canadian beeswax), Populus balsamifera (wildcrafted balsam poplar buds), vitamin E. 

1 oz biodegradable push up tube


Push up the tube and apply the product directly onto the skin. Gently massage.