What is "Boreal Life"

Hello Boreal Beauties and Buddies!

For those of you that know us - we are a little lifestyle boutique called Boreal Paddle + Apparel.  We live in the wild and beautiful centre of Canada, in the heart of the Boreal Forest.

We love nature, we love fashion and we love comfy.  So we kind of try to incorporate those three principles into our curation of offerings.  We like things that are well made and built to last.  In an industry that does not have the best track record of respecting mother nature, we are doing our best to navigate our partners and deliver a product that we can be proud to represent.

Our strongest brands in our brick + mortar are PATAGONIA and FJALLRAVEN - these two companies are leading the way in developing a strong sense of corporate responsibility in an age that desperately needs it.  We have been proud to represent them and have the largest offerings from both brands in between Calgary and Toronto!

We are launching this site under the "Boreal Life" brand as an extension of what we have been growing since 2014.  Our community and all the beautiful visitors that are lucky enough to experience Kenora and Lake of the Woods support us extremely well.  Now we want to expand on that support and get on board with this new virtual world!

Much Love - Amanda & Jeff