The Arborist Candle

The Arborist is a pure essential oil scent that takes you through a balsam forest with a bundle of burning sage.
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All W+R candles are cruelty free, clean burning and free of lead.  These aromatherapy white label candles are also free of synthetic fragrances and use therapeutic grade essential oils and will burn naturally free of toxins.

Wednesday+Rose soy candle company located in downtown Guelph ON. There candles are vegan and ecofriendly; using soy that is sourced from North American farms that are dedicated to sustainable farming practices without the use of herbicides/pesticides/GMOs.

Hand poured into reusable glass jars.

Recycle your candle jars by washing them with warm soapy water - use to store any little things, q-tips, hair elastics and bobby pins or use the glass jar as a new home for a baby houseplant.

Burn Tip: Always allow wax to melt all the way to the glass *before* blowing it out - this will prevent tunnelling and the wax will melt clean down the jar!