Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha

Rose quartz, the ultimate stone of love, nurturing, compassion and self care. This Intro Gua Sha will do all the basics, and is great for those wanting to get their feet wet.
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Rose Quartz

What the heck is Gua Sha??????

Facial Massage tool used to move the lymph and eliminate toxins.  It helps reduce bloating and puffiness which in turn helps prevent breakouts.  They promote circulation, boosts collagen production and cell renewal which gives you a healthy glow. Regular "scraping" helps prevent premature aging.

Use 4-7 times a week for results. After a cleansed face. Always use with serum or moisturizer to help tool glide.

Use the curved side to lift the cheek area, lift the forehead section and get under your chin to move fluid out and sculpt. The scalloped edge is amazing along your jawline to work out buildups, along the brow line where we hold so much tension, run it over the cheek bone to release stress and sculpt your beautiful cheeks! That same edge can also be used to work out forehead lines.