Bian Gua Sha

Bian Stone, this beauty stone for when your ready to take the Gua Sha facial massage to the next level.
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What the heck is Gua Sha?????

Facial Massage tool used to move the lymph and eliminate toxins.  It helps reduce bloating and puffiness which in turn helps prevent breakouts.  They promote circulation, boosts collagen production and cell renewal which gives you a healthy glow. Regular "scraping" helps prevent premature aging.

This beautiful Gua Sha is great at etching out those fine lines and soft wrinkles. Use the fine teeth to “erase” trouble areas such as crows feet, laugh lines, forehead issues, neck lines, etc. It will perform in all the other ways that the INTRO Gua Sha’s do, lifting, draining, and sculpting with its various sides. The larger teeth act like acupuncture in the way of activating this meridian lines, and “pulling” multiple spots on lines (such as laugh lines, under eyes, etc) to release tension.

The half moon curved area is great for working in the lip, laugh line, and mouth area. It also fits over the jawline perfectly to work out calcification. And for the under eye, this side of the stone can be used to lift. It also fits perfectly over the brow to lift and sculpt, and between the eyes to activate your third eye, and hit that pressure point of instant relaxation.

This is a very sturdy stone, and also works great on release neck + shoulder tension. It can also be worked beautifully across your décolleté to work out tension, and soreness. The more we work on this area, the shoulders and the neck, the more tensions that is released in the face. Resulting in a relaxed face, with tension gone.

Use 4-7 times a week for results. After a cleansed face. Always use with serum or moisturizer to help tool glide. Gua Sha will help your product penetrate deeper then without, as well.